Jaitun Paint

  • Products are water based
  • No toxic solvent fumes
  • Re-coatable at any time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide range of colours
  • Can be applied by brush, spray or roller
  • Water clean-up
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Welcome To Jaitun Paints

Jaitun Paints is a wholly Indian. Our main activity is the manufacture of surface coatings.
Jaitun is the brand name manufactured by Jaitun Paints. Jaitun paints, manufactures, wholesales, and retails an extensive range of decorative paints, industrial coatings, and specialists finishes, as well as heavy duty industrial surface coatings.
At Jaitun paints we want your next painting renovation job to be a great success. At Jaitun paints we manufacture our surface coatings to a world class specification, for application under a wide range of, not only local, but national, and inter-national, conditions.
At Jaitun paints we consider preparation to be the key to a great finish and we have the know how to advice you on all aspects of your painting projects.

Interior Wall Coatings
Exterior Wall Coatings
Metal & Wood Paints
Primer Range
We can provide painting solution for your request !!!